Hi there and welcome to Tea Stained Pages.

This blog has been created for my MLIS degree that I am currently pursuing at Western University. I am going to be posting things relevant to my degree on here so if that sounds good to you, stick around. A little about me, I moved around quite a bit as I grew up in the UK and Canada. One of the first things that I did, and continue to do, upon moving to a new town was to sign up at the local public library. Books have always been the home that I returned to throughout my life and so libraries feel like my home away from home in many ways. These days while I continue to love the myriad of adventures contained with the book stacks, I also see the power of libraries as a space to connect people to opportunities within their community. Whether it is getting people access to knowledge and resources that they otherwise may not have had, creating space for the community to use or getting others as excited about reading as I am; I am excited to be learning so that I can one day join this amazing field.

Thanks for reading, I’m sure you will hear from me again soon.